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Whether it’s been 32 years, 2 years, or this is your very first course:

The consensus remains the same:

Amazing wealth of information covered gracefully in small period of time. This could be a week long course!
The course manual is amazing. The art/color and organization is incredible. The information is so comprehensive.
I was so amazed at how I was able to feel comfortable with my first pelvic exam and locate all the structures/muscles with all the direction from Julie, Michelle, and the lab assistants.
This course was phenomenal! Julie and Michelle are top notch! PEA provided a cutting-edge course like no other pelvic floor course. The combination of both evidence-based practice and a wealth of years of well-rounded and specialized expertise in both pelvic floor manual therapy and visceral health exceeds beyond measure any other first-level course material offered anywhere else! I am so grateful to have taken the course - the privilege was all mine. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! Your manual is amazing with the best illustrations ever!”
Thank you to Michelle and Julie for offering such a wonderful course. The lab manual alone was worth the cost of the course. The course was fantastic and I hope they offer a second session soon.
Julie and Michelle are a great balance in delivering important material which will enhance my practice as a pelvic floor PT. In two days we covered a ton of material. Julie and Michelle made sure we had plenty of lab time to practice hands-on what we learned. This course is easy enough to follow if you have never treated the pelvic floor and in detail enough for those of us already treating as a pelvic floor PT. These two days flew by! I highly recommended this amazing course!

About Course Objectives

Yes I feel that this was probably the most complete course that I have taken. I love this approach to the pelvic floor, abdominal wall and spine.
Everything was fabulous.  I learned so much and so stimulating the whole course.  This was one of the best CE courses I have taken.
Exceeded my expectations.
Instructors are dynamic and engaging.
Importance of functional tests…treat….reassess!

About Lab Supervision

The ratio of lab: instructor/student was optimal. I felt like the time allotted was sufficient to
feel proficient in learning the activities.
I loved the ratio of assistants to students. So helpful, so effective!
Yes, small group and instructors were able to make the rounds and check hand placement and contact.
Amazing!!  Fabulous Instructor-participant ratio!  Ortho treatment techniques that will greatly impact patient care!  Effective techniques and great treatment results.


It was awesome - none!
Small group so instructors were able to attend each group for feedback and questions.